There is a lot of difference between videos on YouTube free music and royalty free music. The music which you are downloading for free is free music but every music can’t be necessarily free for use. Some music’s are having copyright issues. When it is mention as copyright free music then it is free from the royalty fees. You need to buy it or have to get it free fruition and other resources. Once toy will buy or get that track then you will be able to use it for free in the video and that too without being charged for the number of views.

  • In free royalty music they are offering resources:
  • It is completely free for downloading and using
  • No license is required for purchase
  • It can be easily used for commercial purposes

You can able to monetize the money from the video and that too from the free music. There are some resources that are requiring crediting the music to them in the ends description of the video.

Below you will find the sites which are offering:

  • Free royalty tracks
  • Searchable music library
  • Very easy attribution process
  • Plethora of genres, tracks, and moods from which you can choose
  • The best sites for downloading free music are given below
  1. YouTube Audio Library
  • This is the most popular source of getting free audio files from YouTube music library.
  • This music and sound are directly added your videos and then are downloaded easily for working offline
  • There are hundreds of royalty free music tracks and the sound effects which are searchable and then can be filtered it by genre, mood, instrument, attribution, and duration.

You have to make sure about the requirement of attribution and then you have to give credit to the artist in your video description.

​ 2. Epidemic Sound

​This is established in the year 2009 eurgh the sole reason and advantage for making potential outcomes for the music in all stages. It will help the one who is making it and others who are using it. This is the best place for getting free copyright music.

​ 3. Free stock

  • ​ As it name suggest you will get a very big stock of free music.
  • ​ There are hundreds of free tracks are available in various range of genres.
  • ​ All the formats are available in MP3, AIFF, and WAV.
  • ​ The sign up is totally free.
  • ​ There is no requirement of attribution.

​ 4. Incomptech

  • It is the top sites for having free copyright free music
  • The search and filtering is very easy
  • There are hundreds of music take which all are available in MP3 formats
  • The library size is very decent.
  • The new and updated music is regularly updated
  • The attribution is required in a specific form.