We are in the state of emergency, and the lockdown has been declared for another few days. There is enough scare, and you definitely need no more.

  1. Keep the environment happy – you may be finding it difficult yet to cope with this work-from-home schedule – adding some fun on the desk will help you personalize it like your office desk.

For some changing location helps, I am sometimes sprawled on the sofa and sometimes in the balcony and sometimes on the dining table.  Well, this may not release happy hormones, but it surely keeps me entertained and comfortable.

  1. Cook your heart out – pick up a new recipe and cook by yourself. How will that make work enjoyable, correct? Well, cooking is a known stress buster, and it also helps to break the monotony (bonus, if you are married – you have made your spouse very very happy ;)), since you will not have colleagues around to chit chat in between. There is another science to it; cooking a meal gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that evokes happy hormone.
  2. Hone an activity or hobby – now that you are saving time on traveling, it’s hobby call. Another happy hormone therapy is taking up on that long-forgotten hobby. Or if you are pursuing your hobby, then it’s time to take it to another level. Pull out a list of online tips, tricks, and lectures for your hobby and explore your capacity. Pick timely breaks from work and spend some time active-on-activity, and when you get back, you will be stress-free and will enjoy work even more.
  3. Build a health to-do list – Exercising and stretching, just like sleep, is extremely important for an enjoyable day. Stretching in between the work is the easiest thing you can do to keep your back sane and strong. Step back from your desk every hour or so, and give five minutes for basic stretches. We bet you will like the way your body feels after that.

For exercising, pick something you enjoy, don’t mind experimenting with a few activities. Make use of your internet connection and try and test. I mean, if you hate running, take up walk at home lesson online, if you are not keen on Zumba to take up Power Yoga, there are ample choices and all at the comfort of your home at – just a click away.

In fact, you can make use of this lockdown to actually practice and incorporate these stretching and exercising routine into your lifestyle.

  1. Let the music do its magic – It can get a little too quiet or too loud depending upon the number of people in the house. Music soothes the soul; working from home can be entertaining with music playing along. If you haven’t tried working with music on in the background, you haven’t realized the power of it yet. No, it is not disturbing, and neither does it break your concentration, soft hums keep you in a rhythm and make working from home enjoyable.  Keep your favorite Hindi song mp3list ready, or any language for that matter.

These tips are going to make your life easier and help you sail through the difficult times.