Last month I had the pleasure of being invited to Lakers School in Cole ford Gloucester to arrange and present an interactive magic workshop for 20 students between the ages of 11 to 15.

Teacher James Pocket asked me arrange a bespoke magic teaching class suitable for his students.

Benefits of Learning Magic

Learning how to do good magic is of course tremendous fun for the students but there are more serious aspects to it that pay dividends to the individual along the way.  For example to be a really good magician one would need to be able to present a magic trick and perform it to a high enough standard so learning how to be confident would give anyone, let alone a younger person, a huge boost.  For the really ambitious student who wants to take up performing street magic then having the confidence to approach people and asking if they would like to see some magic is important.  However, having one’s confidence improved for live in general is good.  Other positive benefits to learning magic are that it encourages team work, concentration, coordination and creativity.  In order to perform a magic trick, a student would need to first learn how it is done so they have to pay attention to learn the secret.  Then they would need to practice it which will improve their coordination, which then leads to them to then being able to do the magic which is the creativity part. All together this builds up the confidence part.

Card Tricks & Techniques Taught

Some magic tricks can be very difficult to perform but the tricks I taught were fairly easy to learn and perform and aimed at children from 7 to 15 years.  Card tricks are very popular because everyone knows what a deck of cards is and a good deck can be purchased relatively cheaply. The magic workshop is tailored to last as long as required with several breaks included in to an all day workshop to also include a dinner break.  In this time the children will learn how to read minds, how to make a chosen card jump out of the pack into their other hand, pull money out of thin air and lots more.  The children can also be arranged into small groups and have a small competition between them to see which group can learn and perform a trick the best.

Reviews and Feedback

At the end of the day long workshop teacher James Pocket could see how well the session went.  The atmosphere was amazing and he could see the children were very happy with their new found magic skills.  He commented that the workshop was the best activity the students had had this year and another one would be arranged next season.

About Magician Andy Field

Andy Field is a professional close up magician based in Gloucestershire.  He performs amazing close up magic at weddings, parties and corporate events. He has won several nation magic awards and has a successful YouTube channel called andyfieldmagic which has 140 K subscribers and 5 million hits.