Crime and thriller movies are always at the top when it comes to the choice of the people. The audience always loves thriller genres, especially from the south film industry; people are more likely to wait for its release. We are fascinated by the crime thrills and participate in the mystery of the movies. When content in the OTT platform today is flooded with so many thriller movies, we get confused about which one to pick. Hours are wasted in searching for the best one for the day to watch. Some of the marvelously made Telugu thriller movies are HIT, KshanaKshanam, Anveshana, Anukokunda Oka Roju, and the unending list. If you are a Telugu thriller movies online lover, you may catch up on one of the streaming thriller movies on Aha Anaganaga O Athidhi.

Anaganaga O Athidhi is the Telugu remake of the 2018 Kannada suspense thriller Aa KaraalaRatri from the makers of the same house DayalPadmanabhan. The movie was on the air on 20th November 2020. The original film bagged the Best Film award Karnataka State Film Award in the year 2018. The movie is exceptionally well cast with Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Veena Sunder, and Ananda Chakrapani. A real-life story has inspired the film.

Plot: The movie will give you enough reason to think about people living in distress & financial crises and what situations force them to do so. Mallika (Payal Rajput) is not happy with her life and struggles with her family for living. One day a houseguest ‘atidhi’ Chinni Krishna (Chaitanya Krishna) turned up in their home and was introduced as a journalist. Having a case full of money, he, without thinking anything, shows it to the family. This was when Mallika’s mind changes, and the greed and distraction pushed her to go for action. She, with her family, decides to take his life. So, whether she will be left free or enjoy her life with such money is all about the movie.

The movie is about rural areas and how people react when they come across such wealth that they have never before seen in their lives. The fans of Payal Rajput loved her performance as she was put at the front of the movie, and this a remarkable transformation from her glamorous image. She carried every expression, whether greed, lust, or deception, at one step up. On the other side, Chaitanya Krishna also proved to be well in his role. Ultimately this movie may go for a must-watch film.

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