Bloodshot by DMG Entertainment is the blockbuster comic trailer that hit the film industry by surprise. It features the world’s most reputed and cherished movie actor and producer Vin Diesel, who takes the role of bloodshot. While the movie was set to release at later months of the year, it was released earlier, owing to the Corona pandemic. The film has been around for like two months now, and its presence has initiated a movie-watching spree.

Is Bloodshot Movie Worth It?

Nothing hurts like scheduling some time out of your busy schedule to watch a movie only to end up disappointed. Relaxing comfortably on your luxurious sofa, watching a newly released blockbuster can turn out to be a regret if the movie watching experience doesn’t turn out as it was expected.

Van diesel is master when it comes to action and comic movies. Haters would tell you that the bloodshot was a miss, but if you sit down to watch the film yourself, you will be astonished by the quality and superiority of the film. You will just be lost in thoughts soon after the movie starts and every character outlined.

by DMG Entertainment

Is the Action a Worth Watch?

Reading through the film’s script, you will be wooed by the characters starting with the bloodshot formally known as Van Diesel. He plays the role of a retired U.S. Marine army known as Ray Garrison, who is killed together with the wife after they completed an operation based in Mombassa. His wife is killed in his presence,and the killers shoot him dead in the head, only for him to wake up later at a different place with no memories or mind to think on his own.

On waking up, one of the architects behind the creation tells him about the unfolding of the past few hours. He tells him of how he was installed with Nanobots on his blood, which turns him into a superhero and an indestructible biotech killer. His memories are wiped out, and everything happening in his mind is controlled.

It’s only after he hears the Psycho killer talking head’s song after he has been manipulated to kill thousands does he start remembering his past. Once his memories are back, he gets to remember everything, including the death of his wife, how she was killed, and the person behind the killing. It’s after he remembers does he go after the wife’s killer known as Tobey Kebbell’s Martin Axe.

This is one of the best comic action-packed movies you can never miss. It packs real content alongside unequaled innovativeness and creativeness. You can never be wrong watching the bloodshot movie by DMG Entertainment that features Van Diesel—the action-comic movie actor of all the time.