There are only a few things that could rival the rampant support and love that the one and only Harry Potter saga can create. This work of literary masterpiece has created a massive following that is still going strong up to this day. That is something that most works can only dream of having. But that is just a small spark of how powerful this book series has become.

Everything from their books, to their movies, and even their fanfictions are well-respected in the community. Despite the end of the original Harry Potter series, the fandom is still consistently growing. This is mainly due to how the beloved author J.K. Rowling, continues to release newer information that expands the lore. That is why the new Fantastic Beasts saga is still on demand despite it having no direct connection to Harry Potter himself.

But there is one part of the series that stood the test of time, and that is none other than the houses themselves. These are the 4 houses that make up the entirety of the student-faculty in the Hogwarts Academy. They are divided into 4 distinct categories and you would be filtered through one of them based on your innermost desires. However, that is only applicable in the story as there are no magical sorting hats in real life. But this quiz is the next best thing that you can take.

You can learn so much more information about yourself by taking a chance at answering some deeply personal questions. These questions would then take your results and run them through an extensive process to determine the best house that can suit you. This can not only give you your possible dream house but can also teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Harry Potter House quiz

Well-Planned Approach

The questions in this quiz will deal with all kinds of subject matter that can shed some light on your personality. There would be questions that might seem simple but can hold a strong aspect of your overall persona. Not only that but these questions have also undergone a precise articulated process to be as accurate as possible.

That means that you can use this quiz and expect that the final results would always feel like it directly matches to you as a person. Do note that the results would only show based on the correct answers that you placed. This means that you have to be honest with yourself about your choices in this quiz.

More Than Just a House

The important nature of the sorting process in the Harry Potter series was created to match each student’s personality. This would make it so that their learning progress and their curriculum would sync up with their nature.

That is why the common connections would be that Hufflepuff is made for those that seek empathy and emotional control. The Ravenclaw house is made for those that would seek academic brilliance and understanding. While the Slytherin house is perfect for those that would want to develop a more cunning take on life. And lastly, the Gryffindor house is built for people who are strong and brave with unwavering loyalty to the end.

To find out where you truly belong today by taking this Harry Potter House quiz now!