Want to celebrate your kid birthday while playing the slot car game, then visit the Race party which is the best for organizing the party which includes the games, food and drinks package. At race party, you can organize the Kids Party Entertainment which has a great deal for celebrating your kid birthday at a very affordable price. In this platform, you can play the game before going to the party room and enjoy the incredible and delicious food and drinks at the party. In the beginning, guest can play the car slot game win the long track of 8 cars which is the great experience your guest can get in the party. In the kid’s party if your kid’s friends enjoy the game before celebrating the party.

 A kid celebration is great if you mix up it with the games and fun so that kids will enjoy the party while playing the games and they will eat the food and drinks and don’t waste any food in the party which is one of an important thing. Battle in the car track with your friends before going to the party will give the incredible experience. Everyone loves the car slot games which is the great game to play with your close friends and beat them and after that tease them that they lose it is a great feeling you can get in the friendship.

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While you play the track game with your friends, then at that time your party room is organized by the team of Race Party. Right after you play to finish the games, you can visit the party rooms with your friends and enjoy the delicious hygienic food and drinks. At Race part they offer the numerous types of packages for the party you can choose the desired package and organize your kid birthday party event with the expert team and staff of the Race party.

At Race Party, you can enjoy the slot car racing Melbourne which is the oldest car racing tournament in Australia. Now you can also get the chance to play the car slot games in the party with the help of race Party platform.

  Kids Party Packages at Race party:

  • Kids Pole Position: 39$: In this package the Race Part host the event for 90 minutes with food and drinks. In the 90 minutes, the children’s can enjoy the slot game for 60 minutes and host the party for 24 children’s. In this package the food your children which include the hot chips, hot wedges, party pies, lemonade, pizzas, and water, etc. The birthday boy and girl will receive the group photo at Race Party.

•    Kids Pit Lane 33$: At this package, the party must be hosted for the long 90 minutes which include the 60 minutes game you can play and enjoy the party by eating food and drinks, etc. In this package food is to be an offered by the Race Part is chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, and hot chips, etc.