Not Phora, but Marco Anthony Archer is the name of this American independent rapper. Phora just happens to be the stage name. In year 2011, Phora founded his very own record label, that says “Yours Truly”. In February 2017, he went on to announce through Instagram that he had signed a label deal with the Warner Brothers. As of now, he has written and released a total of eight albums basically, all relating to the past struggles that he had faced which include One Life to Live, Still, a Kid,  Sincerely Yours,  With Love, Angel With Broken Wings,  and the debut album-Yours Truly Forever. He is now looking to regain some momentum as an artist who is independent with the very third album phora bury me with dead roses. Well, let us now talk on Phora who is back after spending the last couple of years on Warner Records.

At times, all one would need is the army to win. For Phora, after cutting the ties with Warner Records back in June, West Coast native is pretty much convinced now that the dedicated fan-base of him will help in order to restore the shine on an independent circuit.

When he announced that he was independent, people started blabbering things such as Yo. We are all riding for you Phora. We are right there in your corner, check this out. One might not know every little thing from the business perspective and maybe about being on some label, but surely one knows that it actually takes a little lot more being an independent. It is just yourself and you at the very end of the day.

phora bury me with dead roses

Phora’s Album- Back With An Independent Album

Last year, he made quite an entrance alongside his album Love Is Hell. In around less than a year later on, Anaheim-bred the rapper has returned back with the very follow-up. Now, he boasts a brand new setting, making the “Bury Me With Dead Roses” the first drop that is full-length ever since when he walked away from the major label deal, courtesy to a thought of an independent career.

The project then preceded by the fair share of the singles that served to underscore this young rapper and strengthing the bond with the fan base in a process.

The Album Constitutes

1.On My Way

  1. Anything You Need
  2. Like a Drug
  3. Love Yourself
  4. All These Thoughts
  5. Blame On Me Me
  6. Te Necesito
  7. Alive
  8. Just You
  9. Never Know
  10. Forgive Me
  11. Lost
  12. Where Did We Go Wrong
  13. Back To You
  14. The Dream
  15. How It Feels To Feel Nothing

Hope this article will give you a clear idea on Phora and his album.