Musical instruments are an excellent way to channelize your feelings. Learning instruments have many benefits. Scientific facts back the importance of learning music instruments; it enhances critical thinking skills, creative skills, and also wires the mind in a way that it becomes the perfect apparatus for learning new things.

While the importance of learning a musical instrument cannot be marred ever; the new technology has equipped mankind with the power of creating music without learning any musical instrument. Music genres, which were initially restricted to a limited number including Blues, Jazz, country and a few more have now expanded to a vast variety. Trance, rap, hip-hop, EDM, progressive metal, Progressive rock, Techno, and house music are just to name the few of the cast diversity of genres music offers in contemporary times.

The scope of creating music has surpassed the need for being restricted solely to the instruments. In fact, if music is created only through instruments it would be an injustice. Expression of creativity is no more instrument bound. Moreover, numerous computer software have made it possible for more and more people to express themselves by creating music without being limited by the limiting nature of instruments. While the perks of learning an instrument cannot be under-appreciated, there is no denial in the fact that learning an instrument makes you dependent. You need to collaborate with other musicians and form a band to create music. Computer software grants you the autonomy of expression.

There is no denial that restricting to instruments only is not the best option to go for. Even traditional bands which previously played on instruments have now inculcated computers to give their sound a different flavor. There are numerous ways to create different music and while instruments can assist you in some ways, music isn’t about learning music. It is about understanding music. How to fuse the perfect elements in a song is the key to being a successful musician now. A prime example is Omen44.

Omen44 is Japanese-American artist who is considered the bridge between Japanese and American music. His music includes a diverse range of music elements including rap, trance and other elements of electronic and techno music. His samples also have a diversity ranging from Jazz to punk. This is a classic example to show why understanding music is the key to creating good music. In other words, you can rather than having the limited approach of learning an instrument.

Instrument learning can be great, and it should never be discouraged, but it is time we shed light on the changing dynamics and become accustomed to it. Instruments should be considered a gateway to enter the music scene but learning the instrument is no more an equivalent to understanding music.