Pediatric experts strongly advise children to remain active throughout the day. That is why they continuously promote outdoor play. We are all aware many of the children these days spend more time sitting at home lazily with their gadgets on hand. That is why pediatric obesity happens. Outdoor play has always been a part of childhood. And now, it is sad to see that children are spending less and less time outdoors.

Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Children

There are so many reasons why you should encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. They don’t have to leave your home and go to a neighbors’ house. You can set up kids outdoor play for your kids right at your backyard. Here are the benefits that your kids can take advantage of if you encourage them to play outside:

  • They Need the Sun. Many people have always believed that exposure to the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer. Yes, that is true, but only to a certain extent. That is why many people are afraid to stay outdoors. Little did they know that our bodies also need the sun. And this is how we get the Vitamin D that our body needs. This vitamin plays a vital role in various body processes. It can also help develop our bones and our immune system.
  • Improve Physical Development. One of the reasons why you should encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors is because this can help improve their physical development. As they grow, physical skills are essential. It will also improve their physical coordination and movement. When the kids are playing outside, this can increase their ability to run, climb, jump, skip, and throw.
  • Boost Social Development. If you let your kids spend more time outside, this will be their chance to meet other children in the neighborhood. You can bring your younger kids to the park so they can meet and mingle with other kids their age. This way, they can gain more friends and develop their social skills as they interact, collaborate, and even negotiate with other children.
  • Be One With Nature. If you keep your kids inside the house and do not let them wander outside from time to time, they will be forced to find something to do indoors. And the easiest is to grab their phones and tablets and play online games. And when they get hooked to technology, it would be challenging to encourage them to explore the outside world. But when you let them play in your front yard after school, they can explore nature and learn how to appreciate it.
  • Develop Their Imagination. When kids are outdoors, this gives them the chance to play pretend and be anything they want to be. Helping develop your child’s imagination and creativity is essential.

If you can remember, parents back in the day would let their kids spend more time outdoors. And children back then are encouraged to do so because they do not have any gadgets to turn to during their free time. But this time outdoors have plenty of benefits other than having fun with friends. So encourage your kids to play with their friends during the weekends or after school.