Nothing is comparable to watching a good action movie, especially one with absolutely EPIC car chase, you can download now at zone telechargement. When it comes to the movies to watch on the making of the car chases a form of art, but you’re talking about some of the legendary movies ever put on film.

It’s hard to explain, but listened to when well done, put you in the driver’s seat, in the Centre of the action. Feel the power of gravity is throwing around every corner or height SEC press at top speed. Instinctively, you can even watch your hand and understand that you want to replace the equipment.

The list of Seven Films to Watch

This list breaks down seven of the best films ever, that in itself the greatest car chase ever put on film. Some of you might balk at the list, and some can even complain that a particular video has made the list, but with some Oscar on my coat and inclusion for preservation in the National Film Registry, it’s safe to say these seen through to meet Cal L f for car chase masterpiece.

There they are:

  • Smoking and the Bandit (1977)-Low-Bell, a Basset Hound, a beer, I don’t know as it takes the whole movie, and a lot of police cars from the airport-this video has it all, including a classic song.
  • A good job in Italy (1969)-the original version of this film had some of the most amazing journey ever put on film, and the final scene of the tension itself means a place on the list (we’re waiting for, Michael Caine).
  • The seven UPS (1973)-before the Bruce the shark, Roy Scheider’s criminals and to bring the villain is all that is important, even if you turn your car into a convertible for a tractor-trailer.
  • This event (1968)-Steve McQueen takes the organised crime in San Francisco, California. A silver van was in this film could record it is only necessary on this list, and the film poster is mandatory in a garage in every car lover.

  • France links (1971)-A heroin smuggling ring that connects France and New York, but it’s a Pontiac lover and a man named Popeye chasing the high rail which makes it legendary.
  • The Blues Brothers (1980) -destroy the 103 cars during the filming and including car chase in a template makes this movie a must for every car junkie.
  • Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)-when you need the money to buy a racing car look, these relationships the supermarket, don’t you? This video may be known for one of the most memorable endings in the movie.

These movies for viewing (Vrbnik) opposed him through the ages, but it is true that only others who are slapping it makes the car chase the fans screaming. Download now at zone telechargement. That said, look at these seven films to understand their ancestors of today’s action movies that their influence over the jumping on the screen.