The films we watch depict our taste in life. We are so crazy for cinema and we always wonder what an empty space our life would have been without all these films not being there. Whether we agree to this fact or not but these films has been teaching us a lot. There are times when these films succeed at giving us the best lessons for our lives because we can relate ourselves to the people and the circumstances as well. So cinema has always splayed a great role of a teacher and influencer in our lives making us learn things in an easier way than life could have taught us. There are so many films made every year and there are some amazing European Independent Movies which have left an imprint on our hearts forever. Let us have a look on their amazing facts.

European Independent Movies:

  1. Tony Erdmann: it was directed by a German director named Maren Ade and it was his third film as a director. The movie succeeded in receiving great reviews critically and commercially as well. The plot of the movie revolves around the dysfunctional relationship of a father and the daughter. The father is an idealistic figure who is a funny character going to visit his daughter. He then tries to break the ice between him and his daughter. The story is a sweet and funny representation.
  2. I, Daniel Blake: it is an amazing film directed by a very talented and one of the most influential directors named Ken Loach. The film revolves around the very conventional clash between the unemployed, the homeless and the government. But the cinematography, the scenes and everything in the film is worth watching and giving it a shot. Ken Loach had again nailed it this time.
  3. Otvorena: It is an amazing film which is directed by a new young director named Momir Milošević. It was his debut film and according to critics it was considered as one the best Serbian films which is better than the rest of them in its category. A story about unrequited love in high school became utterly popular.
  4. Sing Street: It is directed by John Carney who had also been the director of an amazing drama film named On the Edge. While his film Sing Street is a kind of film that leaves you awestruck and which would make you want to cheer when it gets over. It is a kind of when a boy meets a girl kind of film without having any kind of formalistic feelings. And not to forget about the music which is a cherry on the cake that makes this movie all the more special.

All these films have given us so much to cherish and hold on to. They have been directed and produced by some of the most talented people of our industry and also have succeeded to draw the attention of the audience very well towards their respective subjects.