If you have a marked thin waist and a flat stomach, you can wear a tight dress, if you have a little stomach, prefer dresses tight on the chest, bent at the waist then flared from of the latter to camouflage the belly and thighs (perfect for the silhouette in A).

Think of the color! Certainly a beautiful black dress will be perfect but only worn with accessories that contrast. On sunny days, dare to use color and prints. The color will enhance your complexion, and will set you apart from all other women. If you do not know how to wear the color, see my article: How to associate the colors between them. Best dresses are there available with the Toronto Clubs now.

Here are some tips:

Keep it simple, color reminders always work in an outfit. If you have red nails and a red python clutch bag with a nude dress and beige heels, you have a perfect outfit. Add a large plastron to dress everything.

Think of mixes of shades of color. The shades are part of the same range of colors, if you choose a beige dress, you can wear camel heels and nude accessories. You don’t take any risk by staying in variations of the same shades. To boost these basic colors a little, opt for a necklace or a ring of strong color (like a beautiful turquoise or a coral).

  • Remember that color contrasts are not difficult to approach in summer, if you wear a sun yellow dress, opt for klein blue heels. The more it cuts, the better! As the third outfit color, choose a neutral color: black, navy blue, gray, nude or cream and complete the entire outfit with this chosen color.
  • Finally remember an easy rule: it is always more daring to choose cream or nude than black as a secondary color for accessories. Most women wear black, stand out and brighten up your outfit with these basic shades that are off the beaten track.

Dress to go out in a nightclub: learn not to overdo it

Who says sexy dress, also says be careful not to do “too much”. The point is not to be suspected that you have spent your day preparing.

For this, here is a very simple tip:

Instead of wearing a bolero, a shawl or a jacket very worked with your pretty dress, divert the genres and approach a long and covering coat “boyfriend” style or a man’s shirt casually tied at the waist or worn loose. The best of the best is to wear it over your dress and pass the belt over it, taking care to make the shirt puff to bring a little volume and even more mark the size.

Net silhouette to Wear

The ideal form is however the trench , always classy on all the silhouettes and which in addition will cover you the time to reach your meeting place. There is nothing more ridiculous than being in an evening dress and heels on the sidewalk. If it is hot, think of the kimono jacket which thanks to its ample shape will let you breathe while covering your chest, arms and shoulders. You can also wear a printed stole to cover your dress while you go to your party.

Burberry Brit Trench

Do not arrive with all your panoply of jewelry either. Choose a beautiful bib necklace, a cocktail ring worn on the index finger or even a pair of drop earrings and that’s it!