Bollywood is the Indian film industry. Surprisingly, it is even bigger than Hollywood; the production of movies in this film industry is the highest all over the globe. These films are extremely popular in India as well as in other countries as they are full of glamor, color and are full of stardom. Here are some reasons why Bollywood is so popular wherever you go:

Dance and music

This is an integral part of the Indian culture, which they take very seriously. This love and passion for dance and music is vivid in Bollywood movies, dances, songs and acting. No Indian event is complete without a dance or two and of course, music! It is the passion for music and dance that people start practicing them from a very early age. It is no surprise to see a four-year-old dancing perfectly to a famous Bollywood song following the dancers on screen.
The dancers of Bollywood films are another great attraction for people. The dance numbers, popularly known as “item numbers”, are a combination of fast, catchy and upbeat music. These item numbers also are a vital part of Indian festivals, especially during Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies that are one of the wedding functions in India.


Most Bollywood movies are full of melodrama and amazingly catchy dance numbers that can get anyone’s body moving. The masses love to watch these movies in large groups. It’s like a family bonding time for them; you put on a film, and it will attract people around you like honey attracts flies. Bollywood movies story is based on melodramas with several romantic and emotional songs and item numbers, which is well known as Masala Films. These Masala Films are the strength of Bollywood. In India, a larger part of the populace loves to entertain themselves by watching romantic movies.
Glamor and numerous stars

Bollywood is full of glamor and stardom. People love to follow celebrity styles that are seen in Bollywood. They want to dress up like the actors, talk and walk like them. They enjoy imitating their wardrobe and accessories too. Bollywood celebrities in India are treated as gurus and divas.

Fashion Styles

Bollywood Celebrities are the style icons of every youth of India. Many people follow their favorite celebrity and love to wear the clothes that their stars wear in popular movies or real life. Not only dressing but all hairstyling and accessories are also closely followed by their fans.


The songs of Bollywood movies probably hold more attraction than the storyline itself. By the time a movie hits theaters, the songs of that movies are already dancing on the lips of the masses. Bollywood songs are like magic; they spread like wildfire and hypnotize everyone.