If the sheer variety of Telugu film music blows your mind, then allow us to help you with a selection of songs to get you started.

South Indian film music has seen a resurgence in recent years, buoyed by the use of Western instruments and arrangement, as well as a spate of fresh new playback singers. Increasingly, Telugu film music is shifting towards striking a balance between soft romantic numbers and party songs, much like Bollywood.

The year 2018 was an excellent one for Telugu film music, with many Telugu songs downloaded several times over all across the country. The best music streaming apps continue to feature the latest Telugu film hits across different genres, so you are left with plenty of choice when it comes to streaming music.

Want some help getting started? Here are our suggestions for the best 5 Telugu songs streaming on leading music apps right now:

  1. Everest Anchuna, from ‘Maharshi’: This song begins with a deceptively slow and soulful tune in Vishnupriya Ravi’s vocals, but then suddenly descends into party song mode with Hemachandra taking over with his slightly rugged voice. The song balances both singers’ vocals beautifully to provide a completely entertaining experience. The video features the lovely couple of Mahesh Babu and Pooja Hegde, so you might want to check out the video while downloading this Telugu song.
  2. Priyathama, Priyathama, from ‘Majili’: Singer ChinmayiSripada is making a name for herself in terms of acing soft romantic ballads. This song is no exception – you will love the musical arrangement that backs her soulful rendition of this love song. Check out the supporting flute riffs, as well as the piano strains. Download this Telugu song for a late-night listen.
  3. PremaVennela, from ‘Chitralahari’: This song starts with stirring sitar strains, then uses dholaks and singer Sudarshan Ashok’s vocals to pull the song through in a spirited manner. The use of sitar throughout this song is an inspired move – Indian instruments are being used less and less in modern film music, whatever the language. It makes for a refreshing change and introduces an ethnic twist to an otherwise Westernised musical arrangement.
  4. Rowdy Baby, from ‘Maari 2’: This song came as a complete surprise when it first released early in 2019. At a time when most love songs tend to be softer ballads, Rowdy Baby breaks all Telugu film stereotypes by featuring boisterous beats and a slightly raunchy tune. Fun, silly and sunshiny by turns, and featuring South superstars Dhanush and Sai Pallavi, you will love the video as well as downloading this Telugu song. Check out the dance moves by the duo while you’re having a listen.
  5. PrapanchameAlaa, from Jersey: This love song has the joyous, hopeful vibe of first love. And singers Sasha Tirupathi and InnoGenga go all out with the vocals – they are soft at the beginning and build to a wonderful crescendo as the song progresses. Download this Telugu song to kickstart your morning on a light note.