If you love horror movies and novels, it is time that you consider horror escape rooms. Escape rooms are a relatively new concept that deals with teamwork, skill, and wit to overcome the obstacles and eventually escape from it. Horror escape games put more twist to your standard scare tactics.

If horror escape rooms rhodes is a new concept for you, you need to prepare your body and mind for what may come your way. Being inside a horror escape room is different from watching a horror movie or playing a thriller video game. It is physically immersing that needs collaboration with other team members.  There is a time limit to complete one task – escape from the room.

To escape from the room, you need to solve the puzzles and riddles with the use of hidden objects as hints. It is a group game. Typically, one group consists of 8 to 12 team members. If you are alone, you will be grouped with other teams. It is for everybody, which means the age doesn’t matter. For kids younger than 12, they need to be accompanied by adults. For rooms with mature themes, participants should be at least 16 years old.

You will be given 60 minutes to find the answer and escape the room before something or someone will creep into the room. If you are ready for heavy chills, here are some tips on surviving horror escape rooms:

Surviving Horror Escape Rooms

Expose yourself to horror as many times as you can

As mentioned earlier, playing inside a horror escape room is way worse than just sitting around watching a movie or playing games. It will surely disturb you in ways that you do not expect and understand. The first time is not always the best but if you tried the horror room few times, you will surely master it. Do not be afraid to try many times. If 3D horror movie helps, you should do it.

Do not panic when you are inside

Panicking won’t help you solve the puzzles and clues. Although it is challenging to concentrate when you are scared, you still need to try. Do not get stuck in one corner and just close your eyes while waiting for the moment to pass. You need to grip the fear in your hands and start thinking about surviving.  When you are scared, do not hurt the actors because they are simply doing their job. Do not kick or punch them because you didn’t anticipate the surprise.

Know when to stop

If you think that everything is too much for you despite trying to make it work, you have to know when is the right time to stop the madness. Horror escape games are meant to entertain you not to give you a bad time. If you do not feel good about it, maybe it is easier to stop and try again in the future.

There is no right way to enjoy a horror game

What makes horror games wonderfully entertaining is it can come in different forms. This will allow you to experience horror in many ways. No one can tell you how to enjoy horror games so just enjoy it however you want.