Birthday parties are a very important time for people of all ages, but most importantly for children. Children seem to appreciate the fun and excitement at birthday parties much more than adults, and it really gives them a chance to enjoy their childhood before they grow up and have daily responsibilities like most adults do. Besides inviting all of their friends over to have some delicious birthday cake, a proper birthday party needs more entertainment and decorations to be fun and exciting for kids. One of the best things you can bring to a birthday party is balloons because they have so many great uses that kids will absolutely love. Below, I will talk about a few of the fun ways that using balloons at a birthday party can really elevate the entire occasion.

Water Balloons

Water balloon fights are a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy themselves outdoors; especially on a hot summer day. If you are hosting a birthday party for kids in the summer, a few dollars can go a long way to occupying them for at least an hour. All you need is some basic latex balloons, fill them with water, and hand them out to the kids to throw at each other. This is a very inexpensive way to use balloons at a birthday party and give the children a really fun experience. They won’t be quite as popular as handing out sparklers that are 36 inches long, but they will be a whole lot safer; especially if your party will be geared towards younger children.

Balloon Animals

Making balloon animals at birthday parties is a tradition as old as time itself. All kids love balloon animals, especially if the person making them is well-trained! Consider hiring a professional to make balloon animals in your backyard for a birthday party; they usually do other things such as being a clown or a magician to give you your full money’s worth. Having good quality balloon animals at the party is a great way to give the kids a fun experience and also allows them to have something cool to bring home.

LED Balloons

Though not as interactive as something like water balloons, giving each of the kids at the birthday party their own light-up balloon to play with is another way to bring a lot of fun on a limited budget. My personal favorite type happens to be balloons with LEDS lights in them because their lights are brighter and they seem to last longer, but there are other brands on the market too. The kids will love the flashing light inside their LED balloons, especially when it starts getting dark outside! LED balloons are just another great way that you can have a lot of fun on a tight budget at any birthday party.