You are on vacation in a foreign country or you are expatriate, and you wish to follow a different series, then it is very easy. However, you will soon notice that it is not possible to access the episodes of from abroad, applies a geographical block and reserves the viewing of the series to Internet users. You will receive a message to this effect if you attempt to access this content outside the boundaries of the hexagon. Here are ways you can watch your favorite series without a miss.

How to view your series without any issue

There are two solutions to look more beautiful life from abroad, one is legal and the other not. The non-legal solution is to download the series using torrents. This is a bit tedious, and it is necessary that another user regularly put the episodes online. . Thus, you will be able to access all available episodes and follow your series every day without being blocked. Moreover, the method is quite simple to set up. Indeed, VPN technology passes your data through one of its servers located in the country of your choice instead of your Internet service provider. Therefore, the sites you visit think you are located in the country of the VPN server. You should therefore simply choose a server before visitingPapystreaming to freely access all the contents of the site and bypass the geographical block.

What about other blocked sites?

A VPN not only allows to bypass the geographic block in order to look more beautiful life. This technology also makes it possible to unblock all the sites that practice this type of blocking such as the TFI site or the site of Bein Sport, as well as sites from other countries like the United States that have adopted the same policy. To unblock sites from other countries, simply select servers located in these countries.

The security of your personal data

A VPN has the function of protecting your personal data from hackers and against government organizations. The first users of this technology were companies who wanted to benefit from data encryption in order to secure internal exchanges and exchanges between parent companies and subsidiaries.

  • Choose a VPN
  • Create an account and subscribe
  • Download and install the software
  • Select a server located
  • Go to paystreaming and choose the episode to watch

Paystreaming has made series streaming, movies and online matches very easy. You can watch them without any issue from anywhere in the world. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and software is the best solution for surfing the Internet anonymously, changing and hiding your IP address, downloading Torrents (BitTorrent& P2P), circumventing censorship and avoiding Hadopi warnings.   A VPN also allows you to unlock blocked websites (Google, Facebook, Youtube in China etc), access geoblocks sites unlock the American catalog of Netlix by obtaining an American IP thanks to the VPN, watch the TV channels streaming abroad and bypass threats of hacking on the Internet by encrypting your internet connection