Tired of watching ever-so-lame and predictable shows in the name of a thriller?

Horror buffs and thriller series fans pay attention!

We’ve got the five best Hindi thriller web series you can’t miss out. Grab popcorns turn on your wi-fi and get yourself ready to enjoy the real nail-biting thriller shows on VIU.

  1. 1. Kaushiki

Most talked-about thriller web series in Hindi – Kaushiki revolves around a group of chilled friends that you’ve always wished for. First, look at them, and we believe as if nothing in their lives can ever go wrong. However, we are left astounded as each of the friends eventually shows their true sides and hidden dark secrets that soon turn their lives upside down.

Kaushiki begins with the sensual lure and cool characters. However, the outer & inner depiction of personalities starts throwing on one twist after others at the characters as well as the audience.

The series will pick your interest right from the start where Kaushiki starts narrating her own murder story. Each character is etched well with its complex personalities. The web series shows how they are just like us, different yet conjoined.

  1. Memories

Ronit Roy fans, here’s your chance to watch your idol in one of his swoon-worthy performance yet again. Created by Vikram Bhatt Memories portrays a nerve-racking journey of SiddharthSareen (Rohit Roy), a famous news anchor who possesses a power to access dead person’s memories.

His friend officer Adhikari (Harsh Singh) asks Siddharth to help investigate the case of chief minister getting shot. During the investigation, Siddharth learns that his intern Priya (PriyalGor) was also shot by the same gun and ends up in coma. To get more clues about the case, he tries to get into Priya’s memories.

Amidst the chaos of ongoing events, Siddharth doesn’t realize that he’s being led on and used as a pawn by the authorities in the game of power and authority.

Rohit Roy played his character really well. You can’t help but bite your nails every time he tries to get in and out of someone’s memories.

PriyalGor has also caught the nerve of her character. Her on-screen star-struck intern takes us back to our college days through her gossips with her roomie and her antics to try to please her boss and crush Siddharth.

  1. Truth or Tamanna

What would happen if someone you love goes missing all of a sudden? One of the original thriller shows on VIU  captures the same storyline taking you down the thrilling journey of complex past and dark hidden secrets.

The plot of this web series revolves around a documentary filmmaker Dhruv who is trying to find his girlfriend Tamanna who has gone missing. You’ll be on the edge of your seat when Dhruv takes some unthinkable steps to find Tamanna and uncovers her secrets.

The musical backdrop in the series provides a much-needed relief in this fast-paced suspense thriller. The multi-shade characters and their story that has different layers keep the audience guessing, which apparently keeps the suspense alive.

  1. 13 Mussoorie

This new Indian thriller web series will take you on edge with its perfectly woven plot. The series revolves around the female protagonist Aditi, who is a fearless journalist and the daughter of a senior cop. While she manages to find AKS the serial killer who has been raiding the news Aditi reveals a shocking truth about her father being that serial killer, which turns her life upside down.

The series throws another twist when someone starts impersonating Aditi’s dead father death and going around the city on a killing spree impersonating AKS. The screenplay is impressive, and the cast’s performances give the story a whole new edge.


  1. Unafraid

Vikram Bhatt is back with yet another suspense web series in Hindi on VIU, this time with a cutting-edge story that captures your attention from the very first moment.

The story portrays a struggle of professional and personal life pretty well that sets the strong and real connection with its audience. Priya Verma, who is the lead investigator on the case of a serial killer, is struggling with her failing marriage. As if that wasn’t enough, her colleagues refuse to cooperate, leaving her to face issues alone while the serial killer, who has raped and murdered many women till now, has set Priya as his new target.

While the series move forward, we get more involved eager to see whether Priya catches the killer before he could get to her.

Watch these thriller web series in Hindi on VIU and enjoy the stories that’ll constantly have you on the edge of your seat.