Your bridesmaids are the BFFs who have stood by you throughout the years. They’re your sisters from another mister–or, in some cases, actual sisters from the same mister. When you pick out a bridesmaid gift, make sure it’s something thoughtful that lets them know how much you appreciate their being part of your special day. Sure, you could give them a monogrammed purse or a makeup compact, but let’s think outside the box and go for something that will delight a little more than the standard gifts. These are your girls, after all. Here are a few ideas for totally cool bridesmaid gifts.


There are tons of options these days for subscription boxes that bring something awesome to your friend’s door once a month. A year or six-month subscription will give them a regular reminder of the awesome time they had planning and attending your wedding. Whether they’re into nerdy stuff, wine, beer, gourmet snacks, or arts and crafts, there’s bound to be a subscription box to fit each of your bridesmaids perfectly.

Concert Tickets

After the wedding, odds are you won’t see your besties for a little while. You’ll be off on your honeymoon or otherwise getting cozy with your new spouse; they’ll be sleeping off a hangover and then attending to the dozens of things they neglected during the wedding planning. So plan a bridesmaid gift that will bring everyone back together after the hiatus. Get tickets for everyone to a concert you’re all looking forward to, or a sporting event, or any other event that piques everyone’s interest. It’ll remind your bridesmaids that they’re still important in your life, and make sure that you make time for your friends after the wedding.

Spa Day

In case it wasn’t clear, we’re big on experiences and consumables for wedding party gifts. Everyone has plenty of stuff already, and if your bridesmaids want a Bluetooth speaker or a fancy water bottle, odds are they’ve already bought it. So if your bachelorette party didn’t include a spa day, a day full of pampering and relaxation might just be the perfect way to beat the post-wedding blues. You can either make plans to all go together, or send your maid of honor off for a well-deserved sabbatical the day after the wedding.

An Arts or Crafts Class

If your bridesmaids have untapped creativity to spare, you can help them unlock it with an art class from a local instructor. You can go for painting, pottery, or sculpture for a fun and easy time. Or take it to the next level with a course in glass-blowing, stained glass, or welding. You’ll be surprised how even your daintiest bestie takes to wearing a face shield and melting metal, or turning orange-glowing wads of molten glass into vases and cups. You might even be able to tap their new talents to create centerpiece vases for your flowers or wedding sparklers; though just knowing that you’ve enriched their lives should be reward enough.

When it comes to the friends who have been by you through thick and thin, some tchotchke you can buy at the mall just won’t cut it to express your appreciation. Go for something unique and inspired, something that speaks to your relationship and how well you know what they like. Avoid giving them one more thing to clutter up the mantelpiece, and think about a memorable experience or something meant to be consumed. If you can give a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, your bridesmaids will know how much you appreciate them.