The world of card tricks

The house of cards and its various tricks have always been the best source of entertainment to bring out the mundane aspect of someone’s life. The sheer logic and fun involved in each of these tricks make it not only amazing but also very lively and vibrant. Some of these card tricks make one get awestruck while some involve such a type of logic that the audience think it of nothing short than a miracle. Hence every card trick requires the best of logic to be created as well as devised so as to make a good impression a card magician. This article deals with some of the ways to make miracles with these card tricks.

The miracle ones

Card tricks involving a tricky logic that takes time for the audience to decode is what make them miracle ones. However, twisted the logic seems, equally twisted is for the magician to think and devise the same. Following are some of the card tricks which can be learned easily to make miracles with these card tricks: –

  • The trick of the Rising Card is the easiest one to learn and yet the one to make miracle easily. The entire trick involves a person from the audience coming and picking up any random card out of the well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. He or she then sees it, remembers its colour and suite and then mixes it up with the deck. The magician then uses the method of double undercut to pull out the card out of the deck easily by either using the sleight of the hand or index finger, based on some minor clues that the person leaves while hiding the card inside of the shuffle. Since the card generally rises out of the middle, so it earns the name of Rising Card.
  • The trick of Reversed Miracle is yet another miracle creating trick which never fails to awestruck the audience and involves a lot of clever and tricky methods that get hard for even the audience to decode. It involves very minute and skilled hand gestures which one needs to achieve mastery in so that they can be controlled easily.
  • The trick of vanishing is yet another member to the family of miracle tricks. All the whooshing and swooshing done by the hand movements that bring out the card, make them vanish into thin air and then make them come out of nowhere makes the entire process a very tricky one. All it needs is to get pro in the hand gestures.

These were some of the easiest ones in the list of make miracles with these card tricks but more such tricks can be easily found on the trending Youtube channels of the famous card magicians.