Birthday is the most memorable occasion of our lives; every year we eagerly wait for our birthday to arrive so that we can get all the attention from our friends and family; pouring into our house from all parts of the city to wish us and participate in the celebrations. One important element of the birthday celebrations is the Birthday Cakes; they form an integral part of the celebration. Different flavor of cakes are available to choose from and relish our taste buds.

Black Forest Cake: A Very famous cake; A spongy chocolate cake layered with mixed cream and cherries with a hint of rum and cinnamon will attract the kids and will succeed in impressing the taste buds. It’s an easy recipe and can be prepared in one hour twenty minutes with ingredients such as flour, eggs, baking powder, sugar syrup, castor sugar, cocoa and warm water and cherries for filling. Most kids are extremely fond of this cake and very frequently ordered for birthday parties.

Pineapple cake: Pineapple cake can be easily baked and it will take one hour fifteen minutes for the preparation. The cake can be prepared by maintaining the oven temperature at 400F and using Maida, eggs, powdered sugar, baking powder, chopped pineapples cake tins, vanilla essence and cream. Mixed cream covered between the soft layers of sponge cake, soaked in pineapple syrup and topped with slices of pineapple will be a great choice during kids’ birthdays. This has again been a personal favorite of many children and adults as well.

Eggless Truffle cakes:  A chocolate lover’s paradise, the Truffle cake is something that a lot of people cannot deny. Cakes are the best choice for everyone during birthdays and when it comes to pure vegetarians, it will be a great problem as egg will be added as an ingredient in every cake.  To provide a solution to the issue eggless cakes have occupied the world of birthday cakes.  It is easy to prepare and even takes less time to cook. Truffle without egg and soft spongy layered the same old chocolate with a creamy dark chocolate ganache.

Fudge chocolate cake:  This cake will be a feast for the chocolate lovers and can be prepared in minutes of time, which don’t involve much process. A chocolate cake layered with a chocolate fudge frosting and topped with a thick chocolate ganache. It will be really a treat for the children, as they will love chocolate.

Oreo cheesecake: The best way to enjoy the Oreo cookies is to stick them in a creamy cheesecake. The easiest recipe ever! This cake is prepared with crunchy Oreo biscuits, delicious cream cheese, and melted chocolate. This cake will be a sweet gift.

Banana cake with cream cheese frosting: A moist banana cake studded with walnuts and covered with cream cheese frosting.

Irrespective of the flavor, Birthday cakes certainly bring in happiness and joy to the person who is celebrating. Whether it is a homemade cake or ordered from a shop, the thought is that matters. Birthday cakes are wrapped in plenty amount of love and gratitude from your loved ones and when you cut it and share it with them, the love and gratitude increases dramatically.