Small moments count too! Sometimes little moments bring happiness in life. Viu’s original Hindi drama web seriesIt Happened in Hong Kong,shows us that we need to take life lightly at times, leave the worries and sorrows behind and enjoy the moments. The immersing characters, original melodies and Hong Kong sight-seeing make this Hindi drama show perfect forwatching between office breaks.

It Happened in Hong Kong cast including AmolParashar, and AahanaKumraunveils the journey of two souls fighting their demons in past and bracing future at the same time. The story begins on a casual note, where Aahana a travel writer and Amol who’s buried under family businesscoincidently bump into each other in Hong Kong and agree to spend their vacation together.


As the show follows the journey of Aahana and Amol, you won’t find any other mainstream character in the series. However,their strong personas and brilliant performances make the audience believe in their impromptu experience. The jolly-good journey, however, is interrupted by conflict. But don’t worry! The characters manage to pass the bump with little damage,and the show gets back to breeziness.

Recently wrapped up with season 1 It Happened in Hong Kong drama show is set to be back with season 2. And It Happened in Hong Kong cast is as excited as the show’s audience to launch season 2 with more freshness andlight moments. Get ready as this flight to Hong Kong might enter into love zone.

The series is co-written by AmolParashar and Shyni Shetty. Lakshya Raj Anand will be directing It Happened in Hong Kong 2.The nonchalant attitude and colloquial dialogs tugged at viewers’ hearts and the audience instantly related to the characters. No doubt, the web viewers are already waiting for the season 2 to be released.

Along with travel, sight-seeing in Hong Kong and light-hearted moments between Amol and Aahanathe series brings in the musical charm as well. The title track of the series ‘Aao Mere Sang Chalo’ has already become favorite of many series fans. While you wait for It Happened in Hong Kong 2 to be launched, refresh your memory, reconnect with the characters, and enjoy the re-runs of season 1. Watch It Happened in Hong Kong cast taking the story forward in season 2 with new surprises. Stream this Hindi drama web series on Viu online or watch episodes on Viu app for free.