In Greece, there is an island an excellent destination known as Rhodes. At Rhodes, a lot of activities take place as well as games. Some of the daring games you find at Rhodes are Escape rooms Rhodes games. These games have varying levels of terror and horror, and therefore it is good to understand different types of these games to be able to choose wisely the escape room game that suits you.

One of the sites that offer escape rooms games is ‘my escape Rhodes.’ This site provides three kinds of the escape room games currently. These include the Conjuring, paranormal and the hostel escape room games.

Who should play Conjuring?

The conjuring escape room involves terror, and it is designed for people who have a passion for mystery and horror. It is meant to give the player an experience that is unforgettable. After a successful escape as a player, you will experience a sleepless night with a feeling that demons are on their way to attack you. People who have no history of cardiovascular problems can play this game. A group of 2-7 people should play the game. Claustrophobics must not play Conjuring escape game.

Escape rooms Rhodes

Who should play the hostel escape room game

The hostel is among the escape rooms Rhodes games designed for teams that would like to have 75 minutes of tension and adrenaline. This game is designed for people who have confidence in their courage. If you can spend an overnight in the hostel with terror, then you can play this game. The game involves a try to escape from the butcher who comes to cut the neck of the player. Even if the player manages to escape from the hostel, then he /she will have nightmares of a psycho butcher coming for the neck. People with no heart problems and those that are not claustrophobics can play the hostel. Also, an individual cannot play this game as it can be so overwhelming. If you are in a group of between 2-7 people, then you are good to go to the hostel.

The paranormal escape game and who should play it

Paranormal is one of the newest escape rooms in the escape rooms Rhodes games. This game is a real horror game and not for the faint-hearted. You may play this game if you tried Conjuring escape room and you were not sufficiently scared. It is a live game and a real horror escape room. Therefore you should play this game if you are brave enough, do not have heart issues or you are not claustrophobic. The game involves a whole one and quarter hours or if you like 75 minutes of much tension and horror. This period is quite long for fearful individuals and may have adverse effects for people with heart issues. Only a team of brave individuals who have escaped the conjuring room should play the Paranormal escape room game.