Gaming universe has seen a fair share of transformation with time. It is gigantic and has an abundant people joining the clan day-by-day. There is a huge number of games in the market which ranges from genres like puzzle to action. Different genres ensure that there is a game for everyone from any age group. Being a rookie in the gaming world might be hard for some as some games are hard to get in the beginning.

One of the most famous and competitive games at present is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game has a difficulty level of a pro with danger lurking from every corner. More and more people are opting to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground because of its fame. It has already crossed the twenty million copies worldwide so there is no reason to deny it is one of the best games.

The worst thing a gamer can face is understanding the concept of a new game. Today, every rookie gamer can learn something advantageous about PUBG.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds concept

The players are dropped on a deserted island from an airplane. This island has many sites which comprise attire, weapons, ammo, equipment and other utilities to help the players. Not just weapons, one can also find vehicles to make the travel fast. There are danger zones and safe zones in the game to make it even harder. The safe zone keeps shrinking making it hard to last till the end. The purpose of this battle royale shooting game is to survive till the end. Players can go around killing enemies, or simply dodge everything and survive.

Surviving is comparatively hard in PUBG which makes people buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If players are opting to buy PUBG below tips might come in handy to survive

  1. Do not leave the door open while raiding a spot.
  2. Customize all the controls to suit the ease.
  3. Keep track of the fuel of a vehicle and remember that enemies can hear your vehicle.
  4. Avoid jumping into the crowded areas because the aim is to stay alive, not get killed.
  5. Avoid red zones. And if you find yourself in the red zone, run for your life!
  6. Stay away from open spaces. They will be swarming with multiple players waiting for a target.
  7. Practice as much as possible to be habitual with the controls and the area.
  8. Pick weapons and utilities which are useful. Get rid of the excess baggage.

All these tips will definitely help the people who have just opted to buy PUBG. The beginners are considered sitting ducks in the game because of their less knowledge. Most veterans prey on such players as they are an easy target. Players who wish to buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds must gather as much information about the game before entering the gun-frenzy battles.

Most pros and streamers suggest new players practice a lot and get a good hold of the game’s concept. One the player has understood the aim and gameplay of PUBG, winning will become easy. Rookie stages will be against bots so don’t get all superior just yet. Wait for the real battle to start one the rank is high enough.