There were days when people had no option other than to hear the same tone each time their landlines rang no matter how much they disliked it. Today, things have changed. Mobile phones have established themselves as the proud rulers of the territory where once landlines ruled. With ease of handling, cell phones brought with them the idea of ringtones’.

In this ever-changing world, nothing can impress humans for too long; be it the tone of the phone or the style of the clothes. Change is what people want. Frequent calls with monotonous tones can annoy a person even before answering the call. There are even chances of getting irritated at the person on the other side of the call which in any case is not good. If there are options to change the tone according to one’s mood, such situations can be avoided.

  • Set different music for different mood-

It is human nature to be not the same at every time. What you desire today might vex you tomorrow. Similarly, human emotions are never static. Perpetual happiness or sadness can not be the case. Keeping that in mind, there are tones for every emotional state. Imagine you are at a funeral, and your phone rang up with a hard core rock music, how embarassing is that! But you will never see yourself in such situations, if you set the right tone for the right time.

People have different tastes as far as music is concerned. Some are into soulful rhythms, some like hip hop and rock, some like groovy numbers and so on. There are a lot more to choose from.

  • Download it for Free!

Your phone will ring the way you want it to be. All you have to do is to search for your favourite tones and download it for free. Keep downloading and make your phone dance to your tunes.

  • Options to Choose From:

This is one such area where you’ll never be short of choices. The more you search, the more you get! There are wide range of genres available to select from. Some of the popular categories are as follows-

  • Bollywood: The evergreen Bollywood has always been a popular name in the cinema industry both in India and across the globe. Tones in this category are much appreciated ones.
  • Hip hop/Rock: This particular genre is preferred by the young population. Hip hop and rock artists have created a niche in people’s hearts. Eminem, Akon, Linkin Park and other artists of this genre are loved everywhere.
  • Reggae/Pop: The names Michael Jackson and Bob Marley are itself enough to raise the goosebumps. They’ve made their art of music live forever. This is the reason why even after these legends’ demise their music is most sought after and people wish their incoming calls to ring with these tones.
  • Classical, Instrumental, World music, Comedy, Sound effects are some other collections to opt from.

Go ahead and pick a nice cool tone to set for your incoming calls as it is not just a tone but it also reflects your style and persona. You never know who’s going to get impressed by your ringtone.