Recent studies say that an average adult watched more than five hours of videos in a day. Since this is the age of digitalization and smartphone technology, more and more people are getting access to the internet. Online video streaming services have completely taken over the traditional television networks and cable connections. Online streaming services allow users to consume video content anytime and anywhere to have an entertainment experience.

Video production and live streaming companies are now using social media platforms to introduce a new content format as it has proven to attract an overwhelming number of audiences. Videos are the most impact form of communication as it is both audio and visual. These companies with the right video equipment and video editing software are shifting towards a new form of the video platform that is live streaming.

What is live video streaming?

The introduction of live streaming on the internet has completely changed how social media works.  Live streaming is the online streaming media that is recorded and telecasted at the same time on a social media platform. The viewers so much content do not have to completely download the file as they are playing the media. All that is needed to stream live videos internet connection and a device that is connected to the internet. Video-on-demand, video blogs and other such media are non-live streamed videos as they are pre-recorded and then posted online.

A video production and live streaming company enables live streaming by sharing unedited and raw videos for audiences. This promotes in removing the myth that only a well-produced, edited and retouched to succeed on an online platform.  As the audiences demand more real and authentic products, companies have begun to stream videos live to keep up with the evolution. This new concept has helped companies and brands to reach their target audiences and garner greater attention and loyalty from their existing customers as well as new customers. This is a great, strategic marketing tool that is used by many businesses for promotion.

What are the advantages of live streaming videos?

More audience engagement

Live videos open up opportunities for businesses, brands, and individuals to create valuable content and engage their audiences.  Through live sessions, live chats and interviews, and live discussions assist in keeping the audience engaged.

video production and live streaming companyBetter relationships with the audiences

Live videos are unedited and raw which is what makes them so special and authentic.  Audiences connect more to real, believable content as they get to experience the behind the scene happenings.

Live videos are transparent and honest.  This builds honesty and brand loyalty among users and customers. This improves productivity and increases sales and at the same time is entertaining for the viewers.