Is it the time for you to buy a new kodi box? Are you searching for a good kodi Android TV deal? Android 4.4, which is installed on the majority of the kodi TV boxes, is almost three years old and run its course. Some of the great features in the upcoming kodi 17 version will need a minimum of Android 5.1 which suggests that support for 4.4 androids will be dropped. We have done a lot of research in order to find out the best Kodi box that will keep up able to run kodi as flawlessly as possible.

Kodi box has nowadays become the go-to streaming media center for each and every person from cable cutters, to any person who wants good media experience.The main requirements to run Kodi are listed as the following as 3D capable GPU graphics hardware controller for all rendering, a Dual-core 2 GHz or better CPU, and the 1 GB of RAM. It is obvious that it can be installed and as well as utilized on slower machines but becomes laggy. When it comes to your kodi box there are various options to choose from and it can vary wildly in a different kind of hardware. As listed they should have at least the basic kind of the specifications in order to run Kodi, but ideally much faster.  When you are searching for the best new kodi box deals in USA, UK, Canada there are some of the criteria you should look for, these are as follows:-

  • Android 5.1 along with Kodi boxes
  • Amlogic S905-series CPU or even better.
  • The Hard-wired Ethernet port.
  • 2GB of RAM+
  • Kodi 16.0+ which is pre-installed

Best Jodi accessory and add-on deals

  • IPVanish VPN – Use a VPN in order to secure your all the connection from your service provider and access all types of the Kodi add-ons.
  • Real-Debrid – Use a Real-Debrid so as to increase the number of the premium links that are returned in Kodi add-ons like Exodus or SALTs.
  • Easynews – A Usenet provider like the Easynews gives you access to many private servers and premium links to a lot of content that is not found in other Kodi add-ons.
  • Mini-Keyboard & Mouse – Upgrade from your Android remote to a full mini keyboard as well as mouse.

If you desire to stream content to your TV, then Kodi is just about one of the best bit of software for this job. With a quite big, friendly user interface, which support for loads of streaming formats and services, Kodi is a way joy to use. According to many of our experts, many numbers of people who use Kodi software in order to watch films, sports or any of the TV shows online are at great risk of a crippling cyber attack.  The best option for you is just to purchase a compatible set-top box and install Kodi on it by yourself. Now, we’ve rounded up the one of the best collection of clean set-top boxes that you can add Kodi to.