Jazz is recognized as a music genre which originated in the African-American societies of New Orleans, the US during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. There are many who view jazz as “America’s classical music”. From the 1920s, jazz is being identified as the main type of musical expression. At that time, it had emerged as popular and traditional musical styles and they are all connected by the mutual bonds of European-American and African-American musical parentage with one performance orientation. You can characterize jazz by call and response vocals, improvisation, swing and blue notes, and polyrhythms.

It has its roots in African-American music traditions and West African musical and cultural expression that include ragtime and blues and also European military band music. Though the basis of jazz is rooted deeply within the black experience of the US, yet various cultures do contribute their individual styles and experience into its art form. Hence, intellectuals from all across the globe treat jazz as one of the original art forms of America. According to New York music history, when the top musicians from Chicago moved to New York during the 1920s, this city turned into a Jazz Mecca.

The popularity of the jazz music

This music is viewed as a well-known form of music and the popularity of jazz music hasn’t faded since the beginning of the 20th century. The popularity of this music has always affected the mainstream, popular music and it has gone through various evolutions, thus, generating various sub-genres with the passing time. Jazz also gets influenced by dissimilar regions and cultures with each culture adding its individual distinct twist to it. This is the reason; there are presently many different and distinctive styles in the jazz culture. Therefore, it is really tough to define jazz and its characteristics and traits.

One big element of jazz music is improvisation, which means playing around and very seldom playing a similar melody or song which has been played earlier. Jazz music has got no specific keys and notes to follow and this is why it is viewed as liberal. Earlier, jazz movements were equipped with some call-and-response system and there, players were required to play a particular note and other people used to play various instruments. There were some musicians who had no idea regarding playing music. Whatever it was, it must be admitted that jazz players are extremely talented and sometimes more than the classical performers.

Popular in many places

Jazz music is popular all over the world but you are needed to look into a few areas to discover what you have been searching for. Sometimes, it is best to know the New York music history to learn more about jazz. When you will go to the roots then you will be able to explore some really excellent jazz classics. Boston, Kansas City, and New Orleans are viewed as three big cities where there are present huge jazz clubs. If you visit those clubs, you will be able to hear live performances of the jazz music of your preferred jazz artists. Jazz clubs are simply great to have some drinks and it is music which has its own soul.