The events that you are organizing are among the highlights of the fundraising campaigns. Your team spends days and months to develop the program, find the perfect location and plan for the things that you need to do with the event proceeds. Because of the dedication and effort that you exert, the event you organized is getting better and better as the years go by.

But no matter how well-planned the activities are, they will only be successful if people will attend to them. You have to check the attendance strategy that you are running year after year to make improvements, just like what you are doing with other elements in your events.

Whether you are organizing a multiple platform day of giving or a charity event, here are some tips that can help you bring people, especially donors, to your charity events. There are no guaranteed ways to improve the fundraising event attendance, but the methods below will help you reach more people with the right message.

Choose the perfect software for your event

While sending emails and invitation through snail mail and set up registration booths at every people’s front door is enough, those days are already extinct. The right software can make it a lot easier for event managers to implement elements in the event that you are organizing that can attract people, especially donors through your front door. When organizing a significant fundraising or charity event, you need to look for attendance-boosting characteristics in any integrated software that you are considering like:

Ticket levels – to attract the most people to your charity event as possible, you need to start opportunity to as many people as possible. Implement software that can help you set a variety of ticketing levels at various price ranges, including exclusive benefits like a free drink or premium seating tickets.

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Programmable waitlist and capacity – by showing the people when you are about to sell out your tickets, you incentivize all the procrastinators to go ahead and buy tickets seats as early as possible. Look for the right software solution that can help you manage the waitlist, so you can automatically fill vacated spots or manually supersede the wait list for VIP attendees.

Promotions and discounts – Are you offering members, early registrants, students or senior citizen discounts? What about people who buy tickets in large volumes? Special discounts and promotions will always get a lot of potentially interested attendees, and the right software can automatically apply for the benefits as they checkout so that your team does not have to schedule or set aside part of their time to process these requests, time that they can spend in doing something else beneficial to the event.

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Communications – you need to find a way to share any updates like venue regulations or paring information to make sure that the registered attendees will show up without any problems. A consolidated software will allow you to share text or email updates with the people who will attend the event without exporting your contact list using a third-party communication system.

The advantage of using the right software does not stop with increasing attendance. Consolidated solutions can produce a lot of useful reports after the charity event since they can pull information from at least two areas of your company’s records.

Depending on what kind of event you are hosting, you might need to look for more specialized attributes. For example, a charity event goes more smoothly using a mobile event management software, while a crowdfunding event can benefit from live donation updates just like a fundraising countdown that is projected on a jumbotron.