If you are out with the motive to find the Best Dance Studio and Dance School in Dubai, be prepared to be really confused! You fill find an array of the best quality dance schools and studios here in Dubai and most of them excel at their job. You will get more than you can ask for– from Ballet, Salsa, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, Street Jazz or Dance Fusion. There are different classes according to the age groups; there are classes for social dancing for teenagers, there are especially planned summer workshops according to the time of vacation of the children and then there is special event choreography that is specific to the occasions like weddings, anniversaries etc. And mind you, this is not an exhaustive list!

Tips to find the Best Dance Studio and Dance School in Dubai

While it is certainly difficult to choose the best from among the best, there are few things that one must look for in a dance studio or dance school. We mention a few things to look out for before you choose your next dance destination.

  • Always look for a dance studio or a school that has highly experienced instructors with several years of experience. There are several studios that have professionals who meet the international standards.
  • Find dance schools that will give you regular opportunities to prove your talent and be a part of big dance contests. Most of the dance studios in Dubai participate in several contests at various levels like contests for Pro/Am professional and amateur levels.
  • The studios should be located at some prominent location of the city and preferably have more than one studio. They should also allow the students to attend sessions in both the studios.
  • The dance studios should give an opportunity to their students to be a part of both individual as well as group classes. While individual classes help to bring out the best in an individual after they get undivided attention, group classes make the performances much more enjoyable.
  • The dance studios should cater to all age groups, right from children to the adults.
  • Last but certainly not the least; they should have lessons in all the forms of dance.

There are no limitations and boundaries today especially when it comes to learning a form of art or skill. While there are many who wish to learn the western form of dance, there are others who want to learn the classical and traditional forms and still others who enjoy dance as just a form of an exercise.

Apart from the above mentioned features, always remember to consider dance studios that have a serious approach towards teaching dance and have their specific teaching method.