There is nothing more fun than playing simulation games. A simulation game creates a realistic environment in which your behaviors are tested. In most cases, simulation games are used to start a series. Before you consider landwirtschafts simulator 2017 download kostenlos, you should know the following:

How are simulation games distinguished?

Typically, the simulation games are created to elicit concern or empathy. It seeks to put a person or group in a situation that they can only experience cognitively. There are four functions that are distinguished in a simulation game.
1.    Diagnostic: this describes how a person or group behaves in a certain function.
2.    Feedback: the player or group receives feedback about their behavior.
3.    Training: the new behavior will then be tested.
4.    Perspective: players or groups will change roles for a chance to judge situations from other perspectives.

What is Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator is a simulator game series created by an independent developer – Giants Software. You should know that the game is the most successful Swiss computer game. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best-selling computer games in Switzerland and Germany. It also gained popularity in England and France.

What is the series about?

The first part of series released was Farming Simulator 2008 followed by Gold Edition (2009), Platinum Edition (2011), Mobile (2012), Titanium Edition (2013), Mobile (2014), Gold Edition (2015), Mobile (2016), Platinum Edition (2017), Mobile (2018), and 2019.

You should know that the game has two modes – missions and unlimited career mode. Missions serve as a tutorial, which the player can get acquainted with the gameplay, activities and the equipment. In career mode, your goal is to become a successful and modern farmer by cultivating your fields.


Initially, you will start with a few small machines or materials to cultivate your fields. It can be exchanged into modern pieces of machinery if you have profits. Just like an actual market, there is an economic system that influences the prices that you obtained from your harvest. A simple weather simulation including a day-night cycle can also affect your harvest. With this, you need to plan accordingly to become profitable.

The 2011 version includes animals like cows. In the 2013 version, the game came with sheep and chickens, which will serve as another source of income. In the 2017 version, you will see pigs. Additionally, electricity generation can supplement additional revenue. For this, you can freely place wind turbines and solar power plants. There are many possibilities like operating a biogas plant and greenhouses. These things are possible with the integration of Agricultural Simulator 15.

Does it have a multiplayer mode?

You must know that as of the 2011 version, a multiplayer mode is included. However, there is no central server. This means that the connections are made through peer-to-peer. To use the mode, the players must have the same game extensions.

What about the modifications?

Only agricultural equipment and machinery are included by default. With the help of “Mods”, the game can be extended to include new functions, maps, machines, objects, and other devices. The “LS mods” can be integrated into the game through the drag and drop or via the game-internal “Modhub”.